Our Philosophy

At SDS we will do whatever it takes to meet your deadline and will always strive to finish early. We approach our clients with courtesy and respect and work hard to establish a dependable, continuing business relationship.  We are at your service.

SDS and the Land Development Process

Our services can be utilized during virtually any phase of the land development process.

Site Feasibility Phase

SDS provides earthwork analyses, balanced site grades, and feasibility cost estimates based on as little information as existing topo, a rough layout of parking and building locations, and a minimum of proposed spot elevations.

Site Design Phase

SDS provides assistance in balancing, quantifying, and estimating alternative design schemes in order to minimize design and land development costs.

Estimating/Budgeting Phase

SDS provides quick, realistic cost estimates or quantities for your own price estimating and comparisons.

Construction Phase

SDS provides detailed information with effective backup documentation that can be utilized in negotiating bids, change orders, or settling disputes.

Our computer generated site cut/fill plans, cross sections and volume reports provide excellent field management support.

Types of Clients

  • Builders
  • Land Planners
  • Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Owners

  • Civil Engineers
  • Developers
  • Site Contractors
  • Landscape Architects
  • Municipal Authorities
  • Attorneys

Turn-Around Time

At SDS we will do whatever it takes to meet your deadline and will always strive to finish early. While our turn-around time is usually 1-3 days, we can provide overnight service if necessary. We will email our report to you as soon as the job is done. Hard copies are available, at any scale, upon request.

Follow-up Service

Once you have received our report please call us at your convenience to discuss and review your project so that we can answer any questions you may have. We can always make changes and revisions to your project as needed and as plan design is updated and refined.


The cost of our service depends on project size and complexity. Most of our work is done on a lump sum basis so you will know what our service will cost and how long it will take before we begin. Please email your plans to us at info@sdssite.com and upon request we will provide you with a fixed fee proposal for your authorization before we begin work on your project.

Key Team Members

Who’s behind the scenes?

John Jordan
Before starting Site Development Services, Inc. in late 1988, John gained his land development experience starting in the field in 1980 actually moving earth and laying pipe. He worked his way up to chief estimator and then vice president of Major Contractors, Inc., a land development contractor located in Northern Virginia. He obtained a BS degree in business from George Mason University in 1984.

John Jordan has been an associate member of the American Society of Civil Engineers since 1991 and is currently an associate member of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association.
Ben Falcone
Executive Vice President and Chief Estimator
Ben came to SDS as an Architectural/Engineering student in 1995. Starting as a Junior Earthwork Technician, Ben worked his way up to Senior Estimator in 2001, IT Coordinator in 2003, Vice President of Business Development in 2005, and since 2007 has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Estimator. In this capacity Ben is in charge of insuring that all of our estimates are accurate, complete and comprehensive. Ben is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Sonya Miller
Director of Estimating
Sonya Miller came to SDS in 2000 and started as a Junior Earthwork Technician. She worked her way up to Estimator in 2002, Project Manager in 2005, team Manager in 2006 and to Director of Estimating in 2007. At her current position, in addition to her project estimating duties Sonya is also responsible for insuring that all projects are properly staffed, managed, and completed on time and within budget.

Brief History of Our Company


Since inception, SDS has estimated over 15,000 projects for over 800 different clients. Although the majority of our work is in the Washington, DC Metro area, we provide take-off services nationwide and internationally. John R. Jordan is currently an associate member of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association.

All earthwork calculations are made using the state-of-the-art AGTEK Earthwork Analysis Computer System. We are capable of running our AGTEK systems day and night to provide our clients with the quickest turn-around possible.


SDS utilized Google Earth integration with KMZ files allowing contractors to use GPS enabled hardware to get within a meter of site items in real time on the site using mobile software.


SDS assisted in bank and owner valuation of partially constructed foreclosed property via site visits and identification, documentation, quantification and calculation of cost of work to complete.


SDS started providing long term lake sediment accumulation volume and cost analysis.


Ben Falcone was promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Estimator and Sonya Miller was named to Director of Estimating.


SDS began generating balanced grade earthwork site hold-down contour plans (i.e. balanced rough grading plans and balanced interim grading plans) for its engineering, developer and home builder clients in order to minimize hauling from lot to lot as well as on and offsite when basements are actually dug out, houses constructed and yards final graded.


SDS added 13th Agtek system.


SDS included detailed Bio-retention erosion control cost and analysis in land development budgets.


Using Agtek 3D takeoff and modeling software, SDS started providing 3D grade models for use in third party automated GPS earthmoving machine control systems.


With the advent of Agtek 3D software, SDS began offering not only rock and unsuitable soil quantification but also contouring based on site geotechnical information for calculation and design purposes.


SDS offered site dynamic compaction and surcharge analysis to determine quantities and costs associated with levels of elevation drop anticipated to occur during and after compaction. Added 2 more Agtek systems and 2 more estimators.


SDS used its cost estimating expertise to offer expert witness testimony to help settle land valuation/imminent domain dispute cases. Added another Agtek system.


SDS began offering construction claims support to owners, general contractors and site contractors.  SDS now offers site contractor bid review, comparison and analysis and change order review in order to help reduce the potential for construction claims in the future.


With the advent of Agtek Sitework 98, SDS more accurately defined and calculated quantities and associated costs of excavating all kinds of anticipated subsurface material’s to be encountered during construction such as shale, weathered rock, disintegrated rock, marine clay and other unsuitable soils, trash fill, un-compacted existing fill, hazardous waste fill, as well as suitable fill materials.


Provided estimating services on 1st project outside of United States on palace site in Cairo, Egypt. Since then have performed multiple estimates outside of US including some for US State Department. Adds a 5th Agtek system and a 5th estimator.


SDS began providing cross section takeoffs for large interstate highway projects along east coast including balanced mass grading plans and haul diagram analysis. Expanded estimating services to mid-western states and new military base housing in southern states.


Began offering bid negotiating and field management support services. SDS used its cost estimating expertise to offer expert witness testimony in contract disputes. Expanded services to entire northeastern and southeastern United States.


Expanded clientele to include more land owners and developers, general contractors, and municipalities. Added 3rd and 4th Agtek system and 2 more estimators. SDS began offering land development budgets in custom, client specific formats.


SDS began offering complete site quantity takeoffs and land development budgets including site clearing and demolition, erosion control, earthwork, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, watermain, curb and gutter, driveways, sidewalks, trails, stone base and paving, striping and signage, street lights, landscaping, retaining walls and mass and utility trench blasting and excavation.


Some civil engineers started to design sites using AutoCAD. SDS first utilized new DXF interface software to begin importing information from projects designed in CAD instead of digitizing hand drawn lines.


SDS began providing balanced site grade calculations to home builders. Purchased 2nd Agtek system and hired 2nd employee.


John R. Jordan became an associate member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.


At this time most all plans were still hand drawn.  John hired his 1st employee to assist in digitizing site plans for earthwork calculations. The system ran day and night.


Site Development Services, Inc. was started by John R. Jordan to provide top quality land development estimating services to builders, developers, land planners, architects, engineers, contractors, and land owners. With 1 Agtek Earthwork Analysis System, SDS started offering earthwork quantity analysis services to land development industry specifically targeting civil engineering firms. NVBIA since 1988.


With the business degree, John moved out of the field and into Major Contractor, Inc.’s office and learned estimating and project management eventually estimating all of Major’s work as well as managing site projects and then became vice president of the company.


John R. Jordan obtained a BS degree in business from George Mason University.


John continued his hands on site development construction experience while going to college by working in the field for Major Contractors, Inc., a land development contractor located in Chantilly, VA. Again building roads, installing site utilities and preparing sites for buildings and parking.


As a teenager, John gained his land development experience starting in the field running heavy equipment moving earth and laying pipe for a small home builder in Fairfax, VA.


What They Are Saying

6Simultaneous AGTEK Systems
800Different Clients
27Years in Business