Earthwork Analysis

Earthwork Takeoff and Analysis

With our timely and low cost method, SDS can utilize your Conceptual, Rough Grading, Preliminary, or Final Site Plan to provide detailed Cut, Fill, Import, and Export Volumes classified not only by soil type and suitability for fill, but also by site usage areas such as buildings, parking, and landscape and structural and non-structural fill volumes.

Blasting & Rock Excavation Quantities can be provided for mass excavation, foundations, and utilities.

Profiles and 3-Dimensional Views can be taken as desired anywhere on the site to graphically illustrate existing grade, proposed grades, and up to 9 different substrata layers such as rock and clay.

Color Coded Site Cut/Fill Plans of any scale show proposed elevations, existing elevations, substrata elevations, and depth of cut or fill at any location on the site.

Variations for Raising or Lowering the Site, or any specific part of it are computed in order to obtain the critical balanced site elevations and volumes necessary to bring the import or export of material to an absolute minimum.


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Other Earthwork Related Services

Categorization and Quantification of In Situ Earth Materials

Utilizing your Geotechnical Report we can accurately defined and calculate quantities and associated costs of excavating and utilizing all types of anticipated subsurface materials to be encountered during construction such as shale, weathered rock, disintegrated rock, marine clays, silts, sands, and other suitable and unsuitable soils. We can also identify and quantify trash fill, un-compacted existing fill, hazardous waste fill, wet soil and other problem materials.

SDS not only offers rock and unsuitable soil quantification but also soil layer contouring based on site geotechnical information for calculation and design purposes.

Balance Site Grades

Once our Earthwork Analysis is complete we can provide you with balanced site grade calculations in order to insure that your proposed site elevation design results in the minimum of earth moving and hauling on or offsite.

Site Hold Down Plans

A great tool for residential land developers and builders is our hold-down plan service. SDS can generate balanced-grade earthwork site hold-down contour plans, often called balanced rough grading plans or balanced interim grading plans for its engineering, developer and home builder clients in order to minimize hauling from lot to lot as well as on and offsite when basements are actually dug out, houses constructed and yards final graded.

Cross Section Takeoff

We can utilize your cross section plans for roadway projects to provide quantities of cut, fill, import, export, topsoil strip, pavement demolition, new roadway paving as well as balanced mass grading plans and haul diagrams.

Dynamic Compaction and Surcharge Quantity Analysis

We offer site dynamic compaction and surcharge analysis to determine quantities and costs associated with levels of elevation drop anticipated to occur during and after compaction.

Lake Sediment Accumulation Analysis

SDS can provide long term lake sediment accumulation volume and cost analysis.

Soil Stratification and Subsurface Modeling

In addition to our normal cut and fill volume calculations, we can use your soil boring information and provide you with quantities and a topographic cut plan in any layer, such as rock or clay. We can also provide a plan showing depth to any layer from existing or proposed grade elevations.